The German Shepherd Dog

Training Club of Crowan (Cornwall)

(Affiliated to the WUSV/GSDL British Regional Group)



Breed Surveys

GSD Breed Council Adult Breed Surveys are available for males & females from 18 months of age. They are a requirement for all GSDs over 2 years old at Regional Shows and the British Sieger Event. For Regional Shows but not the British Sieger you can enter into the Adult Classes with a Health Certificate available from the GSDL ask John Ward for details .

We are pleased to announce that in previous years we have already held two Breed Council Surveys on behalf of the GSDL and will be having a Survey in 2019 We will keep you posted of dates on our News page.

Survey A Breed Council Survey is an evaluation of the breed value of a dog for the improvement, preservation, and advancement of the breed and for future reference. A Breed Survey report is carried out listing the dogs breeder and owner. The dog is measured for size. An assessment of the dog is made both standing and in motion. Included are Temperament, secondary sex characteristics, expression, bones, musculature, firmness of back and ligaments, trueness of gait, rear drive, front reach, head strength and dentition. All physical characteristics are listed as well as faults.

The dogs stability, temperament, alertness, and gun sureness are evaluated. The Surveyor will also conduct three character tests. Dogs can be surveyed from 18 months of age. Upon completion of the survey, the dog will gain a Class1 or Class 2 pass or a Fail.

At the end of the survey report the Surveyor will comment on your dog and may make breeding recommendations on the dog which could be helpful in the future.

Should your dog gain a pass Class 1 or 2, you will be issued a Printed Report of your Survey and a Certificate from the GSD Breed Council.