The German Shepherd Dog

Training Club of Crowan (Cornwall)

(Affiliated to the WUSV/GSDL British Regional Group)



About our Trainers

Gill Ward M.I.A.C.E  A.M.A.C.C

Gill is a qualified training instructor.  She has been involved with German Shepherd Dogs all her life, Showing, Breeding and Training.

Replacing the traditional 'yank & jerk' training methods with positive reinforcement, she has introduced training methods to help pet owners understand and cope with the family German Shepherd in all situations.

After completing specialist courses and studying canine communication signals, Gill is able to give help and advice on all aspects of dog behaviour and training, including the behaviour development from puppy to adult dog.

Gill has trained and qualified her own dog in the sport of Schutzhund and judged open breed conformation shows.

John Ward - Show/Conformation Classes

John is a qualified International Championship show judge.  He successfully completed the course and exams required by the UK Kennel Club, organised by the German Shepherd Breed Council, covering all aspects of the breed standard, anatomy, movement, judging, showing procedure and Kennel Club rules and regulations.

He is a member of the GSD Breed Council / Kennel Club Working Group for future Judges training.

John is also a GSD Breed Council Surveyor.

John has nationally exhibited and handled German Shepherds for over 40 years.


Gill Ward and Herry


John Ward (left) and
Marco Osman (Fichtenschlag)
Judging West Yorks
Regional Show 5/5/2013