The German Shepherd Dog

Training Club of Crowan (Cornwall)

(Affiliated to the WUSV/GSDL British Regional Group)



About our training classes

Puppy Socialisation Class

This course is designed especially for puppies under 18 weeks old.  It provides an excellent opportunity to combine socialisation, play and training.  At this age puppies are easiest to train for good manners if this training is gentle and fun.  We encourage all the family to attend with their puppy.
Topics include:
SOCIALISATION - it is essential for the young GSD to mix with other dogs, children and adults.
HANDLING - Getting the puppy to enjoy being groomed, touched and handled.
TRAINING - By using gentle reward based methods, we teach the basics of coming when called, sit, lie down and walk on a loose lead.

Early Learning

In these classes the dog is taught to come, sit, down, stand, stay, fetch a toy and walk on a loose lead.  Proofing against continually more difficult distractions, each lesson builds on previous lessons.

Intermediate / Advanced

In these classes a dog is taught a higher level of obedience.  Advanced level includes retrieve, send away, scent and recall. More proofing against distractions off the lead.

B.H. Training

B.H. is an Internationally recognised training test.  The B.H. is a companion dog test which includes advanced obedience with a practical test in traffic conditions which are designed to test the temperament and trainability of the dog.  This qualification can lead onto IPO.  Training for this is held outside.


You will learn about the correct conformation and movement of the German Shepherd, showing and handling techniques as well as ring procedure.  You will be shown how to school and train your dog for its individual presentation to the judge.

All German Shepherd owners are invited to join our friendly social/training club for puppy socialisation, obedience, and ringcraft classes.

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Annual Membership Subscription:

Single - £8.00

Joint - £10.00

Training fee - £4.00 per class

(Membership includes regular Newsletter)


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Sunday Training 21/05/2017


Andrew and Dylan

Gill and Jett
Joe and Remi
Kerry and Jemma
Gill and Jett
Roy and Suzy
Wendy and Reiko
Will and Duke
Will and Inka
Michele's Tanni
(visiting Yelverton Nursing Home
as a Pets As Therapy dog)