The German Shepherd Dog

Training Club of Crowan (Cornwall)

(Affiliated to the WUSV/GSDL British Regional Group)



Outside Training at Crowan


After the winter break the GSDTCC will be commencing outside training at Crowan on Sunday April 14th at 1.00pm. This will be for a training assessment and to give details of the Summer Schedule which will then start Sunday 28th April (Sunday after Easter).

For dogs that have not trained with us before, temperament and behaviour will be assessed before you enrol your dog. This is for safety reasons as there will be times when dogs are working off lead. Dogs that are overly reactive to other dogs may require individual instruction.

Ringcraft /Conformation training will also take place during the training sessions.

Please let us know if you can come on Sunday. We look forward to seeing you and your GSD.

If you need any further information contact Gill on 01209 831221.


A previous EXAMPLE training schedule was as follows:


For puppies and Young Dogs under 12 months of age 12.30pm – 1.30pm
This will be followed by a ½ hour refreshment break with an opportunity for you to ask any questions about your training.


From 2.00pm Adult more advanced Dogs.
The advanced activities are suitable for outside training for which a level of commitment will be required.


Ring Craft Training (Conformation )

The ring will be set up and can be used by members throughout the afternoon, but there will be a set time for instruction with John Ward, KC recognised Championship Show Judge.


There will also be an assessment day for dogs and handlers that have not taken part in our outside course before. Dogs will be required to pass a Temperament/Behaviour assessment before enrolling. This is to enable us to concentrate on helping owners and their dogs advance their training skills, and for safety reasons, as there will be times when dogs will be working off lead.


The fee is £4.00 per dog.


If you are interested in joining us or would like more information or directions, please contact Gill on 01209 831221.  



Gill will be happy to advise you in the meantime if you need any help regarding your dog's training and behaviour.

Training our dogs using motivation techniques with food, a ball, a game of tug etc. creates a happy working dog.

As a good GSD owner, you must have complete control of your dog and the dog must know that you have that control.


Gill and John Ward are the Authors of the excellent book in the "Dog Expert" range, titled German Shepherd, Understanding and Caring for your Breed".
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Book Review


Authors - John & Gill Ward - Publisher - PBPC

This book is packed full of sensible and easily accessible advice about all aspects of German Shepherd ownership; the history of the breed, breed standard, considerations prior to sourcing and buying a puppy, the GSD friendly home, house training, diet, care, understanding your German Shepherd, socialisation and training guidelines, control, the ideal owner, health care and inherited health problems. The book is full of useful contact details, beautiful photos and so well written. The author is clearly very experienced with the breed and extremely competent in teaching training techniques, making use of all the latest knowledge about how dogs learn and promoting positive training methods. This book should accompany every GSD puppy moving to his/her new home and it is relevant and helpful to new as well as experienced dog owners.
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